Shirley Dixon Breast Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit/ tax deductible 501c(3)
organization that helps individual women fighting breast cancer who need help financially;
the foundation also gives to other organizations that are helping women with breast cancer.

I want to thank all who have given to the foundation directly and all who have bought t-shirts
and my music with a purpose; the proceeds go to the foundation and 100% of proceeds go to women in financial need as well as foundations helping fight breast cancer. 


When you donate to Shirley Dixon Breast Cancer Foundation and when you buy a t shirt, sweatshirt, hat, cd, or download a song, you are helping women fight breast cancer.

  1. You have helped a woman in Birmingham who has been living with metastatic
    breast cancer for over 9 years pay a health insurance payment.
  2. You have helped a local woman pay for a much needed breast cancer test.
  3. You have helped a Marengo County woman pay for medication to help counteract
    what chemo was doing to her body.
  4. You have helped a woman cover a $900.00 co pay so she can receive her chemotherapy.
  5. You have given to the local Marengo County Relay for Life.
  6. You have given to the Joy to Life Foundation that help women with breast cancer.

The list goes on and on……Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping others. As more women are reaching out to my foundation for help, I do not ever want to say no I can’t help you. YOU ARE ALLOWING ME TO HELP THESE WOMEN.

Greatness in life is measure by how we love and help each other. Thank you for helping others.

Or mail checks to:

Robertson Banking Co.
216 N Walnut Ave
Demopolis, AL 36732

*Make checks payable to Shirley Dixon Breast Cancer Foundation


Dear Jill,
When you told us that your neighbors with breast cancer would not suffer “on your watch” you touched on the greatest blessing of working in philanthropy being with people who will do all they can to keep others from suffering.
I hope you know how valuable you are to all the women who fight and all those who work together to help them. I’m so grateful for your support and feel privileged to share “the watch” with you! I can also only imagine how proud your mama surely is to see you using your talents and wonderful heart this way.
Sincerely,- Molly
DCH Foundation


Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your donation. The hospital has purchased 8 $25.00 gas cards. This kind and generous donation will enable us to help our patients in a great way. Thanks again for your generosity.
 – Demopolis Cancer Center
Dear Jill,
 I cried when I received the generous gift from your Shirley Dixon Breast Cancer Fund. Thank you for allowing God to work through you to help me!
             – Jackie S.
Exodus 14:14
Luke 1:45
Dear Jill,
I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I think of your ministry. Shirley would be SO PROUD. God has blessed you with so much talent and you’re beautiful inside and out. There are not adequate words to express how your very generous gift touched my heart. I know your goal is to help breast cancer patients, and I am so humbled that you thought of me. Please know that I will use the money wisely as I continue to fight this deadly disease. God has truly blessed me and I m so thankful for his love and care. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.
           – Brenda and Jerry

Hi Jill. I just wanted to say thank you again for your financial support. Paid insurance payment and some on insurance deductibles.  May God ? continue to Bless your Music and Foundation.
I appreciate your help! – Terrlyn Wilson

A Very Special Thank you to Jill Tutt and the Shirley Dixon Breast Cancer Foundation. Their generous financial gift helped pay medical bills incurred during Breast Cancer treatments. It’s very comforting to know there are people and foundations that care and are willing to help. I feel very Blessed. Thank you! – Terrlyn Wilson

Two years ago I was approached by Jill Dixon Tutt to be the first recipient of The Shirley Dixon Breast Cancer Foundation. At that time I was going through Stage 1 Breast Cancer with a very high probability of reoccurrance. I had accumulated a bill from the Mirax Corporation for $4000 for a test that would tell me if my only girl would be effected. Jill came to me and like an answered prayer the foundation helped cover a good amount of the cost. Still to this day I thank God for her generosity any pure selflessness! Thank you Jill for your love!- Waverly Bedsole

Jill Tutt and the Shirley Dixon Breast Cancer Foundation were there for my family during the hardest days of our lives.  Their monetary gift was so generous and came at a time my family really needed the support.  I will always be grateful for the kindness and generosity they had for my family during my wife’s final days with us.- Brandon Ellis

I’m so thankful for your thoughts, prayers, and best wishes on this journey to be a cancer survivor. When life was tough on me, your foundation came through and helped me with finances. It gave me a little joy. Your thoughtfulness thrilled my heart. Thank you so much.- Mary Branch